Our Chieftain

In 2021 the role of Games Cheiftain was handed over to Alwyne Farquharson's great nephew Philip Farquharson 17th of Invercauld. To mark the changeover from Alwyne after 73 years as Cheiftain, the Games pipers played at the Memorial Stone at Monaltrie Park in 2021

Our Former Chieftain

At the grand old age of 102 our former Cheiftain Captain Alwyne A. C. Farquharson M.C. of Invercauld. Captain and Madam Farquharson died in October 2021.

Until recently Captain Alwyne as the Chieftain of the Ballater Highland Games personally attended the Games and took a deep interest in the success of this important event in the Royal Deeside calendar.

His appointment was duly confirmed at a Public Meeting of the Games held on 24th November 1948.

Captain Farquharson was the 16th Chief of the Clan Farquharson and can trace his lineage back to Farquhar, 4th Son of Alexander Ciar (Shaw) Mackintosh of Rothiemurcus (1411 – 1492), his Aberdeenshire descendants calling themselves Farquharson.

The Clan Farquharson Society maintains a strong connection with our Games where they welcome Clan members from all over the world.

Further information on the Clan Farquharson website is available from their webpage.


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